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There are several reasons for dogs and cats to have a bed, including separation anxiety. This problem can be caused by the owner leaving, loud noises, or other factors. An elevated or enclosed bed can help your dog and cats self-soothe. Varble dog and cat beds are made of warm materials without electricity and have two layers to keep your dog and cat comfortable. The cover is removable and machine washable. Many dog and cat owners prefer these beds because of their high quality and durability.

From: $41.45

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Banana Shape Pet Dog Cat House

From: $24.48

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Cats Round Plush Bed

From: $57.41
From: $40.75

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Pet’s Round Shaped Fluffy Bed

From: $30.68
From: $30.33

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Soft Plush Donut Bed

From: $32.23

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Sweet Cat Bed Warm Pet Basket

From: $32.83
From: $41.13